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Offering a wide range of services from packshots, products to industrial, PR and location photography.

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Photographic Assignments has over 40 years of experience in advertising, commercial photography for business and PR

Welcome! Are you looking for professional photography for your business? Well look no further than Photographic Assignments. We are a specialised service with a focus on commercial and advertising photography and are always ready to tackle any sized project! Ready to shoot on location or in one of our studios, we will always bring you the highest quality images.

By hiring our service, you are befitting from our wide range of experience in both photography, video, editing, and therefore no need for you to worry about the technical ins and outs.

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Photography - Photographic Assignments

As you can tell by our business name, photography is somewhat of a speciality of ours! Our team has over forty years of commercial photography experience and are ready to take on any project. ...

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Video - Photographic Assignments

More businesses are recognising video as an important tool in their marketing arsenal, being one of the simplest yet most effective ways to convey a pitch or idea. From product videos, to short...

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360 Degree Product Photography

360 Degree Product Photography - Photographic Assignments

If you’re looking for something to really wow people when they visit your website, then you should try our 360-degree product video service. It will certainly add something eye-catching, as well as...

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VR Photography

VR Photography - Photographic Assignments

Why keep your photography to just one reality? If you’re looking to really explore how much a picture can show, then VR photography is a great option. Working best for panoramas, our 360 VR...

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Artwork Copying

Artwork Copying - Photographic Assignments

When trying to scan artwork or capture the true beauty of a sculpture, getting high quality pictures can be difficult, especially when the piece in question is large or reflective. Luckily, if...

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Retouching - Photographic Assignments

Not all of our work comes from clicking a shutter as we offer a great retouching service too. Image manipulation isn’t necessarily a technique that is used with every photo, but it can really save...

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Our studios

We have an enviable advantage of having 2 large fully equipped studios incorporating a drive-in facility with an infinity cove, kitchen, air conditioning, wi-fi, store room and free ample parking.